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Airtrek Turbo!!! Эксплуатация, ремнот, дополнительное оборудование Airtrek turbo.

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Старый 25.09.2007, 12:12   #1
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Имя: Дмитрий
Авто: Airtrek 2.0 Turbo
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По умолчанию Тест-драйв AirTrek Turbo-R

Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo-R


Don't judge a box by its cover; this MPV's got the heart of an Evo VII

By Jethro Bovingdon/Andy Morgan
January 2003

If you've ever driven a Mitsubishi Evo VII you'll know that it's as brutal and intoxicating as any road car money can buy. There's no concession to comfort and an almost clinical, obsessive focus on going as quickly as possible above all else. The Evo makes you drive faster than you would in other cars but at the same time engages you on a personal level - goading you mercilessly until you give it all of your attention and start working to its agenda. If you're not committed it sulks and you feel like a wimp, and when you do give in and push the Evo anywhere near its limits your licence is in grave danger. People who buy them must be very strong-willed or have no regard for the law whatsoever.
The problem is that the Evo is so hardcore it's bound to alienate plenty of potential owners. People who love the idea of big turbocharged power when they're on their own, but have a family to think about. People who wouldn't dare subject their loved ones to the vomit-inducing rollercoaster that is the rear seat of an Evo VII. That's where the rather ungainly-looking Airtrek Turbo-R, imported by Mitsubishi gurus Xtreme Autos comes in. It's practical, obviously, but under that bulbous body lays the heart of an Evo VII.
For starters there's that same rather anodyne-sounding 4G63 four-cylinder turbo engine channelling its power through a four-wheel-drive system based on that of the Evo. Power is down to 237bhp but the peak torque figure of 253lb ft is produced at a lowly 2500rpm. Unfortunately it's not available as a manual but it borrows the effective five-speed auto from the Evo VII GTA. So it's a practical family five-seater, complete with generous boot, great visibility and turbo-nutter engine. All for ΂£22,995. The question is, can it meld the seemingly incompatible goals of convincing family wagon and hardcore all-wheel-drive thrill seeker?
The Airtrek's only real competition can be found, rather predictably, in Subaru showrooms. We're big fans of the new Forester XT but with only 177hp and a pricetag of ΂£21,500 you'd have to put the Airtrek ahead on paper. But it's on the road that the Forester puts up a stronger fight - it's an absolute hoot to drive and a tough benchmark for the Airtrek. If you can't see the appeal of these rally-replica-on-stilts vehicles just imagine a car with 70 per cent of the poise of the genuine article and only 50 per cent of the grip. Getting the picture?
The Turbo-R's interior is certainly a step-up from the downmarket Evo. Audi won't be benchmarking it for tips on quality or style, but nevertheless it's no bad place to be and the flashes of ebony-style trim look and feel quite classy. There are steering-wheel mounted shift buttons that rock in both directions so that up and down changes can be executed by either hand, but the movement lacks the precision feel you'd like considering the mechanical nature of the change. This is one aggressive auto - it will swap ratios seamlessly on part-throttle but feels happier banging home the shifts with the ferocity of an F1-style semi-auto.
It's this hard-edged character that defines the Airtrek. Kickdown is breathtaking. Literally. With the throttle pinned to the carpet there's a momentary pause, an almighty bang and then you're thrown down the road with almost comical thrust. It's in the mid-range that the Turbo-R really flies. A trip to the rev-limiter (set at over 7000rpm) is a bit pointless - change up at 5500rpm and you're straight back in to the fattest part of the torque belt. And the real joy is just how unexpected the acceleration is to those around you. Other road users can't come to terms with the Airtrek's unlikely performance.
Corners are despatched with almost as much disdain as straights. There is body roll, of course, but the Airtrek never strays too far from your chosen path. It's essentially very neutral but understeer can be provoked if you're right in the meat of the turbo's force. Two inside spinning wheels means you're pushing especially hard and with a provocative mid-corner lift the big Airtrek can be made to slide neatly with just a hint of oversteer. Overall it's great fun and never feels too soft or wallowy despite its lofty stance. It's no Evo VII but offers plenty of thrills per mile. The real dynamic weak link is the steering which is extremely vague around the straight-ahead and never weights up even under heavy loads.
So while the Airtrek's physical dimensions and slightly softer set-up mean a well-driven Evo or Impreza would leave it for dead, there's no doubt that the oddball Mitsubishi is highly focused on the driver having a good time. In fact, that could be its downfall. Its power delivery is so uncompromising and the grippy, neutral handling so enticing that you can't help but drive it like... well, like it's an Evo VII. Which means you'll still lose your licence and your family will be subjected to tediously regular bouts of travel sickness. A Scooby Forester can't match its performance but is probably the better resolved package.
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Старый 25.09.2007, 12:40   #2
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Имя: Дмитрий
Авто: Airtrek 2.0 Turbo
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29 Jan 2003
Top Gear Magazine Test Drive AirTrek
Top Gear Magazine were keen to see what the Mitsubishi AirTrek Turbo-R can offer, here's their verdict...

Crawling through the Dudley rush hour on a grey morning, I can't help wondering what the Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo-R I'm about to drive has in store. I've no idea - the Turbo-R badge hints at some go-fast potential, but is it an estate, off-roader or MPV?

All I know is that it comes from the same stable as the Lancer Evo, so it should be interesting. On first sighting, interest levels increase. With an aggressively styled nose and menacing bonnet scoop, the Airtrek looks every bit a performance car. But from the side, with the exception of gangsta-style black-tint windows, things are more normal, with smooth, non-offensive MPV-like lines. Sitting on 16in alloys there's reasonable ground clearance, but it's obvious this is no off-roader. Add on a few wings or splitters and the overall effect is surprisingly attractive.

Sold in the USA with a naturally aspirated engine and called the Overlander, it is, as the Americans say, an SUV - and a popular one at that. But this Airtrek is a different beast. Imported and sold by Xtreme Automobiles (formerly Ralliart UK) it has permanent 4WD, a 240bhp 2.0 turbo'd engine based on the Lancer Evo and a five-speed Tiptronic 'box. With a claimed 0-60mph time of 6.5secs and 253lb ft of torque at just 2,500rpm, performance should be unlike most SUVs.

Once inside, however, it's only the carbon-effect trim and gearshift buttons on the steering wheel that tell you this is something a little different. The rest of the interior is simple and functional with the space you'd expect in an SUV. Leg and headroom are plentiful and, with a useful but shallow boot, the Airtrek makes a case as a comfy family car. Storage bins and twin cup holders between the front seats add to the practicality. But I suspect the Airtrek offers something more, so it's time to leave Dudley and find some clear roads.

In traffic, with the gearbox in auto mode, the Airtrek proves easy to drive with light steering and a compliant ride, but it's only out on open roads that the Airtrek's Jekyll and Hyde nature comes to light. Flick the gearbox into Tiptronic mode (yes, really) and acceleration from 3,000rpm all the way to the 7,500rpm red line is fairly breathtaking considering the car's proportions. Added to this is a super smooth gearchange in self-shift mode (though it tends to search for gears a little in auto mode).

Where the Airtrek really surprises is in the corner taking. Despite its size and comparatively lofty ride height, turn-in is sharp with little body roll. Mid-corner grip levels would shame some hot hatches and with sure-footed traction on the exit of corners you really do forget the Airtrek's size. Throw in brakes which cope admirably and this is a convincing package. Although the steering is fairly light, feedback is ok at low speed and it is only at higher motorway speeds that it feels slightly vague. But on the main roads back to Dudley, the refined ride contrasts impressively with the way the Airtrek controls body motion on sweeping roads.

Colour is limited to silver or black, but you do get a three-year warranty. With the Airtrek Turbo-R not currently to be sold officially by Mitsubishi dealers in the UK, a £22,995 cheque made out to Xtreme Automobiles will buy you a practical performance car which will stand out from the crowd.

Owen Mildenhall

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Старый 25.09.2007, 13:59   #3
Аватар для slim26
Авто: был Airtrek Tutbo R, сейчас Mercedes S500
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Thanks, very interesting information
It would be good to find video with test drive..
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Старый 25.09.2007, 14:12   #4
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не я конечно спичу инглиш, но всю эт бадень читать.. .. лучшеб на джапанском скинули! и картинок побольшееее!
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Старый 25.09.2007, 14:29   #5
Вступаю в Клуб
Авто: Airtrek 2.0 Turbo
Сообщений: 15
По умолчанию Ответ: Тест-драйв туботрека!)

valensa вне форума   Вверх Ответить с цитированием
Старый 25.09.2007, 15:42   #6
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Аватар для mt-bars
Имя: Дмитрий
Авто: Airtrek 2.0 Turbo
Сообщений: 203
По умолчанию Ответ: Тест-драйв туботрека!)

Эй, ребят, я нашёл инфу, которой на русском нету!)
Переводить....уж извините, может когда и осилю.

Пишут, что машина замечательно ускоряется и достойно проходит повороты, хотя и имеет склонность к заносу. Автомат неплох, но слегка нелогичен в авторежиме, но замечательно ведёт себя в ручном.
Стоит машинка в Британии 45000 долларов.

Вот вкратце.
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